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What We Offer

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Keg Trailer and Bar

Our brand-new 5x8 refrigerated kegerator trailer, with six taps and space inside for items you need to keep cold, is the perfect addition to your event. This is ready for your do-it-yourself event. Pick it up from us, or we'll deliver to you within 50 miles of the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area. All rentals will include cups necessary to serve beverages from the trailer.

The 4ft long and 2ft deep wood and steel bar will allow bartenders to serve with ease and provides a large enough space to store items on top or underneath. At 3ft tall, this bar will accommodate all guests, large and small.

Frozen Margarita Machine

This frozen margarita maker holds up to 100 cups of frozen beverages and will be the highlight of any event. (This rental requires a custom quote based on your event size and service requirements)

margarita machine_edited.jpg

Whiskey Barrel Kegerator

For your indoor or smaller reception, these Whisky Barrel Kegerators are perfect! They can fit up to 1/2-barrel kegs and use ice rather than power to keep your beverage cold. These can be rented along with a bar or bartenders to complete your setup and ensure your guests have the best experience. Style may vary dependent upon availability. Cups for serving the beverages from the kegerator are included in the rental cost.

Licensed Bartender

Licensed bartenders can serve 100 guests per bartender. Our bartenders are there to ensure your guests have a great time and your event stays classy. Want a signature drink? We can do that!

AdobeStock_208084276- small.jpeg
beverage dispenser - edited_edited.png

Glass Beverage Containers

Two available glass beverage containers can be used for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and can be used with or without the stands. Pair this with the "potting bench" for an extra special setup.

Beverage Tub with Stand

Keep your refreshments cold for your event, making it easy for guests to self-serve non-alcoholic beverages. The tub holds over 35 beverages.

Dimensions: 28.5"L x 14.6"W x 19.5"H

drink stand_edited.jpg
drink bin- edited.jpg

Beverage Tubs

Two stainless steel beverage tubs keep non-alcoholic drinks cool and are just the right size to be placed most conveniently for your guests. Approximately 4-gallon tub holds the right number of beverages for your small to mid-size event.

Food Service

Licensed servers can perform cleanup and re-stocking for buffet service, individual plate service, non-alcoholic beverage refills, and table cleanup. We recommend two servers per 100 guests. If setup or cleanup is required, we recommend servers are booked for 1 hour prior to and after the reception.

Champagne 2ds copy.jpg

Champagne Glasses

9oz stemless hard plastic champagne glasses will ensure your toast is memorable, without the danger of tipping glasses.

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