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All of your questions answered


How it Works

Our kegerators give you the option of one to six taps for your event. You can use as few or as many as you like. We typically serve beer, wine, hard cider and hard seltzer, but can also provide non-alcoholic beverages of your choice or his and hers signature drinks.

Service Area

We will travel up to 50 miles (from 83815) round trip for no extra charge. Areas outside this proximity will require a small travel fee, dependent on mileage and time.

Alcohol Purchase

Due to state liquor laws, we cannot purchase or sell any alcohol for your event. All services quoted do not include alcohol. You, your caterer, or your venue must purchase the alcohol to be served.


Your venue will likely require, and we recommend liquor liability insurance, which can be purchased through many insurance providers. You may also be required to purchase a banquet permit.

Included Services

Each of our standard packages include the following:​

  • Clear plastic cups for serving beer, wine or margaritas dependent on the package

  • Full CO2 tanks for kegerators

  • Setup of kegerators

  • Ice, cocktail napkins and garnish (if applicable)

How much alcohol should I get?

You know your friends and family best, but as a general rule, we recommend purchasing three drinks per person who will be drinking alcohol. If you are anticipating hot weather, increase that estimate.

How many drinks are in a keg?

1/2 Barrel: 165 12oz drinks

1/4 Barrel: 82 12oz drinks

1/6 Barrel: 53 12oz drinks

Where can I get alcohol?

We refer customers to Super 1 Foods, Hayden Beverage (supplier for Super 1), Trailbreaker Cider, and Genus Brewing. For liquor we recommend Costco.

What else can I get in a keg?

  • Genus Brewing makes small batch sodas, but they require significant notice.

  • Super 1 and Hayden beverage generally have root beer and cream soda avaiable with little notice.

  • Trailbreaker Cider has non-alcoholic cider available with some notice. 

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